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Cowboy Ethics

I’m taking a professional ethics class right now that referred us to a website on Cowboy ethics:

Here’s an overview of what the site says:

The iconic cowboy represents the best of America — the courage, optimism and plain hard work. Cowboys are heroic not just because they do a dangerous job, but also because they stand for something — the simple, basic values that lie at the heart of the cowboy way.  These values are summarized in the Code of the West, below.

Code of the West

1) Live each day with courage.
2) Take pride in your work.
3) Always finish what you start.
4) Do what has to be done.
5) Be tough, but fair.
6) When you make a promise, keep it.
7) Ride for the brand.
8) Talk less and say more.
9) Remember that some things aren’t for sale.
10) Know where to draw the line.

So you want to be a Cowboy?  I do!


Are you winning or just doing your best?*

That’s really an unusual thought today, isn’t it? We tend to think, “Well, all I can do is my best, isn’t it?” But I don’t want to just do my best, I want to win!

Why? If I just do my best, I would never get any better. If we want to move forward, we need to think differently. If we stay comfortable, doing our best, we do the same thing over and over. We need to stretch – to go to Plan B, Plan C, Plan D – to find out what can really happen when we grow.

How do we do this? First of all, we need to define what winning looks like. What does your career look like? Your personal life? What does your company look like?

Then, you need to get “lucky.” Here are some ways to get “lucky” in business:

  • Work hard
  • Complain less (out loud & in your head)
  • Teach others
  • Share the credit
  • Show up on time! (10 minutes early)
  • Be responsible (for your goals)
  • Stay teachable (by your peers, leaders, and your children – believe that others have value to offer you!)

*I recently started a Mary Kay business.  Not only is Mary Kay a great business model with a great product line, but they provide great training to their consultants.  This perspective was part of a recent training I received from my Director, Beth Lange.

When Under Attack, Fall Back

Gerry Weinberg offered some food for thought in his recent blog post.

Has this ever happened to you? You’re in the middle of a discussion with a prospect, and suddenly you’re caught flat-footed by what seems like an attack.  What do you do?  Read more…



Inspire Your Branding

One of my clients, Michael Poris Associates, recently shared this video with me as we were working on their branding.  It is fantastic! (Give yourself a 20 minute window to watch it – it’s worth the time.)


You Don’t Belong (or do you?)

People will continue to suggest that you don’t belong, and you’ll believe them. So give up the silly notion of belonging and think of who you are and the wonderful things you do. That’s where you’ll find satisfaction.  (Published by Vital Smarts) Read more…

Michigan Infrastructure Conference

Quality infrastructure is the foundation for a strong economy; hear more at the 2014 MI infrastructure Conference May 8 in East Lansing. Read more…

A Most Unusual Presentation…

Nurse Concierge started about a year ago, a firm dedicated to helping patients navigate a healthcare system that is becoming more and more confusing.  I have been providing marketing assistance from the beginning, and the owner of Nurse Concierge, Carol, has been diligent in attending networking events, publishing articles and participating in conferences.  She has executed without tiring!

This past Monday, however, tops all tactics in effective presentations. Read more…