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Cold Stone MBA: How to avoid hiring Crazy

March 9, 2012

Just as in professional service firms, staffing the Cold Stone is key to providing the service we strive for and keeping the operation running smoothly.

Our first attempts at hiring were frustrating.  The interviews went well.  The potential new hire’s background was fine; they had the right kind of experience.  No one had two heads or unusual behaviors that we could spot.  But many of the candidates we hired just didn’t work out.

My business coach gave me great advise:  think about which hires worked.  Find more of them.

That started the ball rolling.  We asked our top performers to find more like them, and they did!

Bright kids, hard working kids, eager kids, grateful-to-have-a-job kids.  Funny thing is, they didn’t have any of the credentials I expected.

Most have no previous experience working, and most are very busy with other commitments.  So we use an online scheduling program that allows them to pick the hours they can work.  School and extra-curriculars come first.  But when they are in the store, they are working, and they are happy, and they are doing a great job.  They are the class presidents, student council leaders, study abroad participants.  And they are GREAT Cold Stone employees.

Lesson learned:  to avoid hiring Crazy, figure out what Crazy doesn’t look like.

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