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Key to High Performance: Organization, Prioritization & Discipline

November 28, 2012

My daughter recently received recognition for her academic performance.  When she was asked how she achieved such high results, she summarized her strategy with three words:  organization, prioritization and discipline.

It strikes me that these are really the key ingredients to high performance in any area, including marketing professional services.  We currently are in prime planning time for 2013; many firms are creating strategic plans, business plans and marketing plans to map out their future.  These key ingredients should be incorporated into this planning.


  • What 3 to 5 things do you want to accomplish?
  • How are they going to happen?
  • Who is responsible for making sure they happen?
  • What schedule milestones must be met?
  • What budget is assigned?
  • What tracking should be done to measure the success of the initiatives?


  • What are the most critical things to accomplish in your firm this year, each month, each week?
  • What initiatives should receive your resources first?
  • If time and money get tight, what can wait?


  • Have you realistically allotted the time/money required?
  • Do you have the culture and systems in place to hold people accountable?
  • Do you have systems in place to monitor schedule milestones?
  • Do you have a fall back plan if you are not completing critical items?

Your firm’s marketing plan should support the firm’s business plan, which should be outlining steps you are taking in 2013 to reach the firm’s strategic plan.  By organizing your firm’s activities, prioritizing allocation of your firm’s time and money, and creating an environment that expects disciplined execution of your plan, your firm can achieve high levels of business performance.

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