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Inspire me!

January 23, 2014

During a recent marketing roundtable, the group discussed what they saw on the horizon for 2014.  All were optimistic about the work load anticipated from various clients markets; in fact, so optimistic that all were most concerned about a talent shortage in Michigan for entry level through senior professionals.

About the same time, my daughter started looking for a part time summer job in retail of some sort.  She is finishing up her student teaching and first year of grad school, so in theory, she is an extremely qualified part time retail candidate.  I was intrigued by what drove her to accept a position with an employer:  she was inspired by the firm’s mission.  I didn’t really think that “mission” would enter into the list of considerations.  I would have expected her decision to focus more on employee discount, fun work environment, hourly wage, or working where her friends worked, but it was the company’s mission that led her to accept the position on the spot.  She was inspired by the bigger picture of what the company is working to accomplish – how they were using their retail business to improve the world.

Interesting consideration as our firms move into this period of talent shortage.  Perhaps the biggest differentiator we can offer has nothing to do with pay or benefits, project work or geographic location.  What is our bigger picture?

My friend works as a Mary Kay consultant.  She is college educated and extremely talented.  When she started, she caught static from some of her colleagues about her new career direction.  Her reply?  “It isn’t about lipstick.  It’s about improving women’s lives.”  It’s the firm’s mission that inspires her.

Does your firm’s mission inspire you?

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