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A World Without Engineers?

March 14, 2014

Mike is dead on with this post! The result of our “quiet footsteps”? A talent shortage, lack of infrastructure funding and commoditized services. Our industry is a decimal place off – our compensation, the money we have to reinvest in the profession’s future, and the public awareness we are able to generate all suffer because we have spent the last 100 years walking softly.

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February 16-22 is National Engineers Week.  It is a natural time of reflection for me.  A chance to renew the pride I have in my profession; to talk to young people about the opportunities of a career in engineering; and to bring attention to the key role we have played in our society’s past and will play in its future.  It is a chance to celebrate our profession. 

Contrary to popular belief, engineering is not about pocket protectors, calculators or physics.  It’s about solving problems.  It’s about innovating to improve the quality of our lives.  It’s about safeguarding the health and welfare of our communities.  Engineers make a difference to each and every one of us, everyday.  Think about how.

We wake up each morning with fresh water to drink, hot water in our showers and a safe place for all the dirty water to go.  Not without engineers. …

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