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The Economics of Infrastructure

March 20, 2014

This topic is going to be front & center at a May 8 Conference on Infrastructure in East Lansing . We’ll hear from our Lt. Governor and many thought leaders from the engineering and developer community.

Mike Cooper's Blog

You arrive at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, recognized nationally as a top ten facility.  It is a wonderful first impression of an historic part of our nation.  As you collect your things and begin to venture away from the airport, however, your experience dramatically changes. 

Have you been the victim of a pothole that seemed more like a crater?  Are you sometimes surprised that your car is still drivable after arriving at your destination?  What can be done about this?  How can we increase investment in our crumbling transportation infrastructure to preserve it long term?  This is not simply a discussion about transportation.  It’s much larger than that. 

The engineering community has been talking about infrastructure for years.  We take pride in the knowledge that we provide the fundamental building blocks of life.  Clean air.  Clean water.  A way to get from point A to point B safely.  These are not…

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