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A Most Unusual Presentation…

April 2, 2014

Nurse Concierge started about a year ago, a firm dedicated to helping patients navigate a healthcare system that is becoming more and more confusing.  I have been providing marketing assistance from the beginning, and the owner of Nurse Concierge, Carol, has been diligent in attending networking events, publishing articles and participating in conferences.  She has executed without tiring!

This past Monday, however, tops all tactics in effective presentations.  Carol was scheduled as one of six resources for an eldercare workshop – the last on the docket.  Concerned that attention might be drifting by the time she had her turn, she brought a client with her to share her experience working with Nurse Concierge, so the presentation would stand out and perhaps be more authentic.  What actually happened, no one could have planned…

Just at the point that Carol took the speaker position and started to introduce her firm, an elderly gentleman in the audience went into cardiac arrest!  Everyone froze, but Carol, who immediately clicked into nursing gear and resuscitated the man while the ambulance was in route. Once he was taken to the hospital, the attendees insisted that Carol give her presentation so they knew all about her – every eye was fixed on her, and every ear listened!  The client she brought did a great job of advocating for Nurse Concierge, but I think Carol’s actions spoke louder that any words could have!

P.S.  Nurse Concierge maintains an active blog and Facebook page with wellness tips and healthcare suggestions.  She also is available as a resource to businesses to reduce their healthcare costs (Approach her presentations with caution…)

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